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District Policies

Policy and Information Page

The purpose of this page is to provide the constituents of the District and community access to our District policies.  On this page you will find links to our current policy, and also information on notable policy changes that have occurred during the school year. 

Oak Park School District Bylaws and Policy

For a full listing of our District policies, please view this page. 

Most Recent Policy Changes

Changes to Bylaw Policy #2430: Removed F grade as condition of athletic eligibility


Addition to Bylaw #3210: Staff members are to refrain from any physical or emotional relationship with any student


Bullying Policy: Creation of Bullying Policy 

Dress Code: Revision of Dress Code

Absence Policy- OPHS, OPFI, OPPA: Posting of Absence Policy 

Truancy Policy- OPHS, OPFI, OPPA: Posting of Truancy Policy