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Enrollment Procedures

Administration Building
Enrollment Office
13900 Granzon
Oak Park, MI. 48237

The Enrollment Office is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8am to 4pm and Thursdays from 8am to 6:30pm.
Contact: Rebecca Luddington

You may also call: 248-336-7708 or 248-336-7707

District Information 

Oak Park Public schools offer a pre-school through grade 6, at Einstein, Key, and Pepper Elementary Schools. Both Pre-school and Kindergarten offer a full day learning experience. 

Our secondary programs feature an exceptional educational experience that prepares middle school learners, grades 7-8, to become critical thinkers at Oak Park Preparatory Academy

The OPHS Freshman Institute (9th grade) offers one-to-one technology in a single grade academy, where students are supported during their first year of high school. 

Oak Park High School offers three newly designed career academies to our 10th – 12th grade students, along with opportunities for advanced placement and vocational training. 

NOVA Discipline Academy offers support for students 8-15 who need a non-traditional learning environment, while the Oak Park Alternative Education Center offers opportunities to students ages 16-19 with vocational trades and high school diploma all in one building. 

All students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities which enhance their educational experience. Oak Park School District offers learning opportunities that prepare students for the 21st century.


Forms and documents for enrolling your child. Please note that all Schools of Choice Students must fill out a Schools of Choice Form in addition to the applicable grade enrollment form.

Documents needed for Enrollment:

Please gather and bring the documents below. Along with those, please fill out the applicable enrollment form depending on the grade your child will be attending. Additionally all out of district students must fill out the Schools of Choice form. You can print the forms from the website or get the forms when you come to the enrollment office with your documents. The enrollment Office is located at 13900 Granzon, Oak Park, MI 48237

  • Original Birth Certificate with Seal or Valid Passport
  •  Immunization Records – Record of Shots.
  • Health Appraisal Form – Only required for kindergarten and pre-school prior to starting school but not needed at the time of enrollment.
  • Transcripts and/or last report card
  •  Current IEP/MET - for students currently receiving Special Education services.
  •  Photo ID of one parent/guardian- name required to verify identity
  •  Probate Court Guardianship Papers (for Legal Guardians)

Resident Documentation:

A "resident" is a person who owns or rents within the Oak Park School District.  One of the following documents must be provided:

  • Closing Statement
  • Current Signed Rental/Lease Agreement
  • Mortgage Payment Book
  • Current Property Tax Bill

Two of the following documents/bills also must be provided:

  • Gas/Electric
  • City Water/Sewage
  • Telephone
  • Credit Card
  • Cable TV
  • Pay Stub with address
  • Satellite TV
  • Official Government Business Mail 

Non-Resident Documentation:

A "non-resident" is a person does not live within the Oak Park School District.  All non-residents must provide us with 2 pieces of mail containing your name and address.