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Food Services

Oak Park School District Food Services Office

22180 Parklawn
Oak Park, MI. 48237 

Ph: 248-336-7757  Fax: 248-336-7759

Director of Food Services

Chef Aric Wienclaw- 

About our provider: 

The Oak Park School District has contracted with Chartwells to provide a healthy and delicious dining experience for our students and staff.

Chartwells services more than 2.5 million students daily in over 500 school districts but not just in the cafeterias. They work in the cafeteria to help students make good meal and snack choices by providing healthy and tasty options during daily mealtime. Chartwells reinforces this knowledge in the classroom with lesson plans and educational materials available to teachers. They also work within the community to ensure the meals we serve help fuel and sustain the ideas and dreams of tomorrow. 

Menus and Nutritional Information:

   Catering Menu:                      Adult Lunch Menu:

 Catering Menu      Adult Menu

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Nutritional Information: 


Wellness Policy: 

As required by policy and Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act the policy is scheduled for review and assessment during the 2016-17 school year.


Our current policy is available here:

Important Informatison:  

Effective September 4th 2012

1. Parents will be informed of the collection procedures, revised effective 3/1/2008 An annual mass mailing to all the homes as well as distributing the procedure through school distribution at the start of each school year and will also be provided on the back of each month’s lunch menu These procedures will also be routinely viewed on the cable channel as well as on the Parent To Parent program Free and reduced lunch applications will be mailed out over the summer as well as provided at every opportunity during the school year A complete free and reduced lunch application is required to be on file Each year a new application needs to be re-submitted even if an application from previous years is on file. It takes 10 days for an application to be approved by the Food Services Department during the application approval process; parents are required to pay for their student’s lunch.
2. Students are encouraged to have money on account to purchase lunch or snacks. Parents will be notified with a letter mailed to the home when their account has a negative balance. Lunch balance letters will also be provided with progress reports at parent teacher conferences. At the elementary level, lunch balance letters will also be put in the teachers’ mailbox to be sent home with the child. Parents will also be notified of their negative lunch balances by School Messenger.
3. Accounts that become negative will be allowed to receive a student lunch charged to their account up to a negative of $10.00 (If a parent does not want a meal charged to their child’s account, please contact the Foodservice Department at 248-336-7761)
4. Once the account balance reaches a negative $10.00 the student will begin receiving an alternate Type A lunch until the balance is paid in full.  An alternate Type A lunch consists of either a cheese or turkey sandwich, with fruit and milk.
 5. If the account continues to be overdrawn, District policy 6152 – Student Fees, Fines and Charges will apply which will result in the withholding of transcripts, report cards, diplomas, progress reports and potential collection in Small Claims Court.