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Welcome To The Oak Park Athletic Program.

Participation in quality extra-curricular activities provides a wealth of opportunities and experiences which will assist students in personal growth, and social development. Children whose parents are involved in their education and support their participation in extra-curricular activities will achieve more in less time. When coaches can collaborate with the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the athletes in which they coach, the student-athlete benefits! You are encouraged to support your student-athlete on his/her journey through educational athletics by volunteering in the athletic program.

In addition, participating in extra-curricular competitive interscholastic athletics is a student's privilege, not a right, that can be removed at any time for failure to meet the  academic and behavioral standards and requirements of a particular team, school or school district, leagues or conferences, and regional, statewide or national organizations to which the student's school belongs (MHSAA 2010).

Board policy states an exception may be made by the principal if the student is under an IEP or has been participating in an intervention program and has shown satisfactory progress toward achieving the minimum grade-point average. 

Students shall be fully informed of the curricular-related activities available to them and of the eligibility standards established for participation in these activities. District-sponsored activities shall be available to all students who elect to participate and who meet eligibility standards.
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Athletic Department
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The interscholastic athletic program of the Oak Park School District operates and adheres to the guidelines of the Michigan High School Athletic Association and the NCAA Clearing House.

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Click Here to view the Board Athletic Policy

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                                               High School Sports Offerings:  Grades (10th-12th)






Boy's Basketball


Track & Field



Girl's Basketball


 Cheerleading  Winter Competitive Cheer





                                                     Junior High School Sports Offerings:
                                                                Grades 7th - 9th

                      (9th graders participate in high school sporting teams offered at OPHS)




Boy's Basketball


Track & Field

Girl's Basketball


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