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Oak Park Schools Television
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OPSD-TV Mission Statement: 

To provide quality, well-rounded programming to our community and beyond in a way that both entertains and informs, while ensuring that each program receives close attention to detail and professionalism.

It is our intent to continue an exemplary level of service to our administrators, staff, students, and community. 

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Please note: Our live feed is  only available when we are cablecasting live productions such as Board of Education Meetings.




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To view select programming, please scroll down to the bottom of this page. We have a large sampling of the Board of Education meetings and other media  available for you to view.


About Us: 


OPSD-TV is a district production facility that services each of the seven schools, as well as the community in providing necessary information regarding their child's education. The studio operations can be divided into two categories:

  • District-wide production house
  • Student/Classroom learning facility

As a classroom learning facility, the central and High School administration guides the curriculum of the corresponding academy to be in alignment with the core curriculum.  Oak Park Schools Television works in conjunction with the High School Administration to ensure the best education possible for the students.  We are currently training interested students after school in our Video Production Club, which gives the students the opportunity to experience production from scripting all the way to post-production.  Additionally, students run the live sound for district events. 

Our station is currently Oak Park Comcast Cable channel 17

Oak Park Schools Television Goals Statement: 

  1. Oak Park Schools Television will support the High School Academy initiatives by providing practical and applicable opportunities for students to gain valuable experience and knowledge.
  2. Oak Park Schools Television will continue to promote district initiatives by creating programming that highlights student academic achievement and social growth.
  3. Oak Park Schools Television will create lesson-based programmng which teaches our students the skills they need, and strengthen the skills they possess.
  4. Oak Park Schools Television will continue to seek innovative ways to produce and disseminate programming through multiple media outlets, educate students, and promote our district.
  5. Oak Park Schools Television will serve the district and the community with a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm, and create new relationships and opportunities within the comunity and beyond.

Obtaining Assistance:  

If you require assistance, such as videotaping or A/V requests, please fill out a Help Desk Support Ticket using the link below: 


Use the Technology Help Desk to request many district services:

Technology Requests

Computer Repairs

Maintenance and Custodial Requests

Audio Visual Requests

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