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Dr. Daveda Colbert

August 15, 2013


Dear Parents & Community Members,


We are pleased to present you with the Annual Education Report (AER) which provides key information on the 2012-2013 educational progress for Oak Park Schools. The AER addresses the complex reporting information required by federal and some requirements of state laws; however, our staff is available to help you understand this information. Please contact Stan Trompeter, Executive Director of Curriculum and Title Programs, (248) 336-7712, for any assistance.


The AER is available for you to review electronically by visiting the following web site or you may review a copy in the principal’s office at your child’s school.


The report contains the following information:


Student Assessment Data – Michigan Educational Assessment Program (MEAP), Michigan Merit Exam (MME), and Michigan’s Alternative Assessment Program (MI-Access)

  • Presents achievement data for English language arts and mathematics for grades 3 to 8 (MEAP), for grade 11 (MME) and science for grades 5 and 8 compared to targets for all students as well as subgroups of students
  • Provides achievement data for English language arts, mathematics and science for students with significant disabilities (MI-Access) compared to targets for all students with disabilities as well as subgroups of students
  • Helps readers understand achievement progress within schools and compare these to district and state achievement


Proficiency Targets – Detail Data and Status


Provides information from assessments, graduation and attendance rates and proficiency targets status in relation to the following four criteria:


  • The district must test 95% of students in total and in each required subgroup
  • The district must attain achievement goals in English language arts and mathematics or reduce the percentage of students in the non-proficient category of achievement significantly (“meeting proficiency targets”) annually
  • The district must attain achievement goals for each subgroup that has at least 30 students in the group
  • The district must meet or exceed the other academic indicators set by the state: graduation rate for high schools and attendance rate for elementary and middle schools


Teacher Quality Data


  • Identifies teacher qualifications at district and school levels
  • Reports percentage of core academic classes taught by teachers not considered highly qualified to teach such classes


NAEP Data (National Assessment of Educational Progress)


  • Provides state results of the national assessment in mathematics and reading every other year in grades 4 and 8
  • Cannot be compared with MEAP results for grades 4 and 8 because there are no national standards.


For 2012-2013, the MDE Accountability Scorecard for the Oak Park School District is reflected in the following data:


The new MDE Accountability Scorecard has a color coded system of: 


Green – attain 85% or greater of possible points

Lime – attain at least 70% but less than 85% of possible points

Yellow – attain at least 60% but less than 70% of possible points

Orange – attain at least 50% but less than 60% of possible points

Red – attain less than 50% of possible points


The Oak Park School District percentage points totaled 58.3%.  Although the score equals an orange rating, any district with more than two red schools, gives them an automatic red rating.  Overall, all schools increased student achievement.  Both Key and Pepper Elementary Schools received a yellow rating.  Einstein, who scored the highest of all three elementary schools received an orange rating.  Oak Park Preparatory Academy received an orange rating.  Oak Park High School did a phenomenal job of removing themselves from the priority list which is the bottom 5 %, but still received a red rating, even though they demonstrated drastic improvements.  NOVA Discipline Academy and Oak Park Alternative Education Center, which are in their first year of establishing proficiency targets, both received red ratings.


During the year, a district-wide team approach was used to support the needs of students who are struggling academically. Additionally, the district has identified and implemented specific benchmark assessments and instructional strategies designed to improve student achievement in the identified areas to ensure that the proficiency targets are met by all students.


I want to acknowledge each of our staff members for their increased utilization of data to inform instruction and their dedication to ensure an exemplary education for each student in our district.




Daveda J. Colbert


Daveda J. Colbert, Ph.D.





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