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Oak Park High School (10th - 12th)

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School Motto: - "We enter to learn, we leave to achieve"
School Colors: - Red and White
School Mascot: - Oak Park Knights
Principal: - Mr. William Washington
Assistant Principal: - Ms. Charity Jones
Assistant Principal: - Dr. Greg Church






Oak Park High School
13701 Oak Park Blvd.
Oak Park, MI 48237
Phone: (248) 336-7740      Fax: (248) 336-7758


Oak Park High School was established in 1953 and serves approximately 1,430 students. Our mission is to provide students with the academic, personal management, and teamwork skills necessary to function in our society.


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High School Description

Oak Park High School is a public, comprehensive four-year high school successfully educating over 1300 students. As a School of Choice, we service students from the Oak Park Community as well as the surrounding communities.

The Oak Park High School faculty consists of approximately 85 ethnically diverse and highly skilled creative professionals. The range of professional experiences is from excited, enthusiastic novice teacher to the excited, enthusiastic master teacher. Further, each teacher is certified in the area of his/her specialty. Most of our teachers have dual certifications.

The OPHS curriculum is directly aligned with the Michigan Curriculum Framework and provides our students with college preparatory and career/technical educational experiences. This ensures our students success in whatever career path they elect. Both the high school and the Center for Advance Studies and the Arts (CASA) offer advanced level courses for students seeking specialized studies and early college admission. Additionally, the Oakland Technical Center provides opportunities for students interested in technical and career oriented programs.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements as stated here represent the minimum number of credits needed in each area for graduation from Oak Park High School.

Many universities with four-year degree programs strongly recommend that students take additional credits in each major subject area to be eligible for admission. Universities recommend students take:

English 4 Years
Math 4 Years
Science 3 Years
Social Studies 3 Years
Foreign Language 2 or 3 Years
Fine Arts 2 Years
Computer/Technology 2 Years

OPHS operates under the system where ½ credits is earned for courses that meet five days per semester. One full credit is earned for courses that meet five days per week for the entire year. Twenty-three (23) credits and four years if full time attendance is required for graduation. Students may also complete 40 hours of optional community service for ½ credit.

Depending on a students credits status, grade levels are assigned as follows:

Grade Level Status



Sophomore - Grade 10


Juniors Grade - 11


Seniors Grade - 12

18 +


Make sure your children attend school everyday ON TIME. When students are ill and need to stay home, please call the office at 248-336-7740. Poor attendance and repeated tardiness cause students to fall behind academically.

School Hours:
7:55 AM - 2:48 PM