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What is a Flu Pandemic?

An influenze (flu) pandemic is a global outbreak of disease that occurs when a new flu virus appears that can spread easily from person to person.  Becasue people have not been exposed to this new virus before, they have little or no immunity to the virus; therefore serious illness or death is more likely to result then during seasonal flu.

What is the Oak Park School District planning to do if a Flu Pandemic occurs?

The Oak Park School District is busy preparing an emergency plan to deal with a Flu Pandemic outbreak. We are currently working on stage 1 of our multi-tiered emergency plan.

How do I prepare for a flu pandemic?

Basic suggestions for an emergency include: Make certain you have available cash. In an emergency situation, cash on hand may be better then cash in a bank. Maintain a "real" phone. In the event of a power outtage, cellular and wireless phones may not operate Keep a supply of 5 gallons of water in your home per person/per day. We recommend 5 days minimum Keep enough food for 5 days. Things that do not require refrigeration, such as canned foods and protein bars Keep a radio and flashlight in your home, with an extra supply of fresh batteries A generator is always a good backup

Where do I go for Pandemic Flu information?

We suggest the following sites for Pandemic Flu information:

Informative Lesson Plans forStudents


Pandemic Information Documents.

As we gather informative documents, we will place them below: