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Grading and Reporting Practices Communication:

Albert Einstein Elementary
Parent involvement Plan

Einstein Elementary will conduct itself along the following guidelines in alignment with the activities detailed in the ESEA Section 1118. Einstein Elementary will make this document available to the parents of each student participating in the school-wide Title 1 program and will update the plan on an annual basis (or as needed) with parent and staff input.

  • A.    Einstein Elementary will convene an annual meeting each school year. The purpose of the meeting will be to disseminate information relevant to the Annual Report, describing the school improvement goals and strategies along with the progress made by our students through the annual academic assessments. We will also use Title 1 data to share and discuss the School-wide Title 1 Plan also developed through staff, parents and community input.
  • B.    Title 1 provisions require parents/guardians to be provided the right to be involved in decisions related to their children’s educational experience; the school is required to seek input from parents/guardians through different means. Einstein Elementary will meet these requirements via the following methods/activities: 1) the School Improvement team will endeavor to include parent members (1-3) in meetings where budget, student assessment data and instructional strategies are scheduled to be discussed, developed or revised; where the expenditure of funds related to that support, school improvement goals and statements, activities such as curriculum nights, Open House meetings, parent education programs/workshops, community outreach programs and tutoring opportunities will be discussed; 2) Individual Parent-Teacher conferences will be held in November and March for grades K-5 and quarterly for grade 6; 3) parent survey/exit forms will assist in determining levels of parental satisfaction with various facets of the Einstein experience: academic program and instruction, school climate, the school improvement plan and other significant key issues involving shared parent-teacher concerns (i.e. homework, on-going classroom assessments and school-home communications).
  • C.    Einstein Elementary will offer a flexible schedule of meetings to encourage parents’/guardians' participation. School Improvement Team will endeavor to schedule meetings before, during, and/or after school to accommodate parent/guardian schedules.
  • D.    Einstein Elementary will seek out parent/guardian input through surveys and parent participation in committees, activities and conferences related to the development and revision of our Parent Involvement Plan, Parent-School Compact, and our School-wide Title 1 Plan.
  • E.    Parents/Guardians will be provided with timely information in the following manners: classroom, department and building-wide calendars and newsletters; quarterly report cards, mid-quarter progress reports, scheduled Parent-Teacher conferences (fall and spring for grades K-5, quarterly for grade 6); parent and/or teacher requested meetings; contact through phone or e-mail communiqués; Oak Park website, Einstein Elementary website, the district Reach newsletter; the district-wide Student Code of Conduct booklets.
  • F.    Parents/Guardians will receive information describing the academic curriculum and relevant expectations at each grade level, as well as Student and Parent Connect passwords to access grades, etc.  Parents also receive staff e-mail addresses to remain in constant communication with staff members.
  • G.    The Annual Report will inform parents of the academic assessments and procedures that are used to measure and evaluate student progress. They will also receive copies of student assessment results with the levels of progress and proficiency defined, including parent-friendly reports on the MEAP and DIBELS data.  Additionally, parents receive the District and school’s AER letter in August of each new school year.
  • H.    As described in paragraph B, parents/guardians will be provided opportunities for decision-making related to their child’s education experience.
  • I.    Parents/guardians will be provided materials and training on how they can improve their child’s academic achievement. Examples may include curriculum nights to explain instructional technology support available at home, the Einstein and Title 1 Newsletters (and classroom newsletters, as well), workshop tips and strategies related to elementary educational development and achievement, along with access at home to various web based support programs.  Summer support materials are provided to each student; these packets offer integrated and thematic applications and academic skills as defined through the current state common core curriculum.
  • J.    The Einstein Elementary staff will continue to attend and conduct professional development on Best Practices in developing and strengthening school-home ties. Time will be set aside at each staff meeting to discuss this concern.
  • K.    Einstein Elementary will coordinate and integrate with our middle school partners in all transition (grade 67) activities and meetings.
  • L.    Einstein Elementary has available ELL staff that is fluent in the languages most spoken within our ELL community (Chaldean and Arabic). This staff also assists in providing translation in print for all parent meetings and school-to-home notices. We also have staff to provide assistance and training to visually- and physically-impaired learners (and families), at times with county support. The building is fully accessible to handicapped and otherwise impaired persons.
  • M.    Einstein Elementary maintains an on-going partnership with the Oak Park Preparatory Academy (OPPA) where our sixth graders transition for 7th and 8th grades. Einstein Elementary has a Family Resource Center housed in our Media Center that provides assistance materials related to academic and behavioral concerns. We also provide assistance and guidance for parents/guardians and families through our weekly Resource Coordinating Team meetings where a multi-disciplinary team discusses student related concerns (academic and/or behavioral) that have been forwarded either by teachers or parents/guardians. This team will develop strategies and/or plans of actions to meet student needs, frequently for both the school and the home environments, and then reconvene 4-6 weeks later to determine progress and continuing needs. This may include, but is not limited to, assisting with appropriate governmental/county agencies and procedures, social services, health or education-related programs within the community and county. Like the school, itself, this team frequently works with Oakland Intermediate Schools to provide services to homeless families who have students attending our school.
  • N.    Einstein Elementary has a Parent Compact that was developed jointly by staff and parents. The Compact is presented regularly at parent conferences and meetings and signed by staff, parents/guardians and students. This Compact is reviewed regularly and necessary revisions are submitted through suggestions by parents, students and teachers.
  • O.    Einstein Elementary provides reasonable support for parent/guardian involvement by allowing parents/guardians to volunteer in the building and in classrooms. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to volunteer throughout the building and classrooms, and to attend classroom activities and field-trips, open houses, special events and assemblies. They are encouraged to participate in any number of ways to assist in facilitating rich partnerships with teachers that benefit students, their families, and staff.  Parents are encouraged to observe their respective child’s classroom and tutoring sessions.
  • P.    Professional development for staff is ongoing and relevant to working and communication with parents.  District wide professional development is offered, as well as through Oakland County’s Immediate School District.
  • Q.    Einstein staff members coordinate as well as offer early childhood programs to encourage early and sustained involvement of parents in their children’s education.  Staff members visit homes to offer support, as well as evaluate potential services best suited for this population of students.
  • R.    An end of the year parent and staff survey and annual evaluations of our parental involvement policy is administrated, which includes programs/activities offered and identifies those barriers that prevent greater participation by all parents.

Parent Roadmaps to the Common Core Standards: http://www.cgcs.org/Page/328