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Welcome to Key Elementary School! 
Education – The “Key” to success at Key Elementary is all about providing academic excellence and being successful at doing your best. Students are supported and acknowledged daily thru our PBS program. Our daily routine encourages students to demonstrate positive behavior and personal growth in order to be successful now and as well as in the future. 
We are a diverse campus with 8 different ethnic groups. We have a population of over 700 students divided among our Head Start, GSRP (Great Start), and K – 5th grades. Our students are continuously given opportunities of creativity and enrichment thru music, art, and gym. Also, throughout the year Key offers afterschool programs and activities such as basketball, cheerleading, Project 21, and Latchkey. 
Our hard work is supported by a great faculty and staff that collaborates daily and meets each Monday to discuss ways to maintain and better our success. 
While we acknowledge our staff, we cannot say enough about the importance of parental involvement! We request that all parents take an active role in educating our students by joining the PTA, attending conferences, and coming in to support activities each month. 
We Need YOU!!!
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Annual Education Report- Key