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Students and Staff Leading the Way at Oak Park High School

Ralph Nader said "The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers."  This idea is manifesting at Oak Park High School, where teachers and students are demonstrating leadership in action, working collaboratively, and becoming the change they wish to see in our academic community. 

Thirty students, representing grades ten through twelve, collectively serve Oak Park High School as the Principals’ Advisory Council. This team of student leaders create, organize, and manage several student activities and school improvement efforts. They collaborate with other student groups, such as the National Honors Society, Pep Club, and Student Leadership Council to strengthen their skillset, multiple their resources, and empower each other to lead.  One of their favorite collaborative events is the pep rally, which is led by our sponsors, staff members, and the pep club.  This event promotes school spirit, acknowledges student athletes, and fosters positive relationships with staff and students



Oak Park High School teachers are becoming leaders of their learning.  Our teacher, Peter Haun, introduced a learning activity titled “Open Door Day”.  This serves as a voluntary opportunity for our teachers to observe colleagues, who are delivering instruction, to dialogue about their practice, and to learn together.  Our teachers also formed cooperative learning groups and developed presentations on growth mindsets.  In the course of this process, effective teaching strategies were utilized and shared, colleagues helped each other with the comprehension of key concepts of the text, and staff relationships were developed as a result of working collaboratively as a team to accomplish a common goal.


In addition to directing the amazing performance of the stage play, “Annie,” our teacher Juliette Delabbio-Abbott took the lead in obtaining positive media coverage for our students and school.  This intentional effort showcased the talents of our youth and demonstrated the extra effort teachers are willing to invest in our Oak Park High School Knights.



BuildOn has a mission to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations.  The program provides students with the opportunity to help improve their communities as well as others. In February, our teacher Dan Kraiza and two of our student leaders:  Linda Clark and Mariama Toure traveled to Senegal.  On this trek, our teacher and students were able to build a school where students of all ages could get an education, immerse themselves in the culture and language, and participate in a life changing experience

There are a myriad of leadership opportunities available for students and staff in our academic community.  We are proud that our KNIGHTS understand that leadership is not a role or title, instead it is the action taken by individuals with the courage to become the change they wish to see in the world and the responsibility to produce more leaders.  Our KNIGHTS are leading the way and soaring onward and upward!