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Education is a platform that elevates both the mind and the man. With it, an individual is diversified and equipped to reshape communities, build corporations, practice law and medicine, or develop new science and technology. It gives me, Mr. Dannon R. Holley, great pleasure to be a facilitator and proponent of education within the Oak Park School District. As a new addition to, the Oak Park School District family of schools, my goal is to strengthen the institution’s core educational values, promote student success, motivate teachers, develop parent and community partnerships and provide exceptional leadership. Using this recipe, I am confident that the collective efforts of administrators, faculty, students, parents and community will take Oak Park Preparatory Academy, to the next level of academic performance and achievement.

While it is our priority to further develop and sustain a strong academic program, Oak Park Preparatory is also dedicated to producing well-rounded young men and women. To achieve this outcome, students participate in relevant out of school experiences and are engaged in a variety of fine arts and extracurricular activities. Our fine arts programs include vocal music, instrumental music, and visual art classes. Our athletic program includes football, basketball, volleyball, track, and cheerleading. We encourage our students to participate in a wide variety of activities to expose their talents, develop life skills, and mature through experiential learning. These activities build character and act as a pathway to support our institution’s habits of scholarship and work. Our six pillars of cooperation, grit, accountability, integrity, socially conscious, and commitment to high quality work are principles that will take each of our students far in life.

With so many great things to offer, we welcome new students and encourage strong partnerships with parents, businesses, and our global community. I highly encourage you to support our students’ work, tour our facilities, and browse the pages of our site to learn more about our programs. At OPPA, we are a village that shares the common mission of academic success for our students.



“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” ― Helen Keller


Dannon Holley