Learning Opportunities at Home

                COVID-19 School Closure Learning Opportunities
Expectations for Teachers 

K-5 Classroom Teachers

K-5 Specials &
6-12 Elective Teachers
6-12 Core Content Teachers

K-12 Special Education

NOVA Teachers

Please ensure students are
assigned reading for a minimum of 20 minutes per day (books, newspapers, cereal boxes, etc.)

Create a lesson which the average student can complete within 30 minutes. Math assigned on odd days & ELA on even days with the exception of weekends

Create a lesson for each grade level you teach that would take the average student approximately 30 minutes to complete.

For example, PE – 20 jumping jacks, running in place, sit/pushups, Art – drawing, coloring, etc., shooting hoops, researching artists/musicians practicing language skills, dance steps, instruments, etc.


Create a lesson for each grade level you teach that would take the average student approximately 30 minutes to complete.

For example, create activities/assignments you would traditionally assign, practice assignments on Kahn Academy, or provide access to other online resources. 

Confer with co- teacher or resource room teachers to provide suggested modifications to lessons or provide students with practice learning opportunities for previously learned skills 


Utilize Odyssey to ensure that the average student can complete in approximately 30 minutes.

Confer with school administrator for further instructions. 


How will my child(ren) be graded for assignments he or she completes? 
Due to the current length of school closure, Oak Park Schools is not establishing a requirement for any virtual learning opportunities to be graded. At no point, do we want to negatively impact a student due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, we have recommended that teachers keep track of work submitted/not submitted by the students. For those students who take advantage of this opportunity and complete all or most of the work, we will work together to provide incentives or positive recognition for those students.

During the COVID-19 school closure, please support us by working with your child(ren) to access and complete learning opportunities on a daily basis. 

Student/Parent Access & Resources

How does my child access GoogleClassroom and other core curricular resources through Clever?

Key https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nnvndzQqiKS0HL8TSOFC8XfwdS0WCCu5?usp=sharing

Pepper https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/189YhL6GWM7yRQjOsxwAoyQuMX3srcq1b?usp=sharing

Einstein https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DAJowLvmoLqveKTR2mw7qtQ_-j8mDgHL?usp=sharing

OPPA Counseling http://oppacounselor.weebly.com/

OPHS /downloads/curriculum/ophs_online_learning_-_sheet1.pdf

OPHS - Counseling:        Mrs. Barnett's Counselors Page  

  • Google Classroom (Start at the 1:00 mark of the video)
    • If you need your Google Classroom access code use the staff directory to email your teacher directly. ​​​​​​
  • Clever (Student instructions for logging into resource)  
    • Clever is the district’s single sign-in page which will take you to ALL district curriculum online resources.  Each resource will have its own clickable icon.

What additional resources are available for my child(ren)?

Resources for Grades PreK - 12 

Parent Information/Support
Student Information/Support

Daily Schedules created by Khan Academy

Khan Academy has created daily schedules with links to age appropriate resources for students of any age

EnAct has provided access to 10 free sites for SAT and PSAT prep.  Students can take practice tests online, print PDFs, or take online classes for FREE. Take advantage of courses that usually cost hundreds of dollars: Kaplan, Princeton, and PowerScore. 

eLibrary has access to thousands of books and audio books 

List of 50+ educational resources offered for free during school closures 

Albert provides interactive test prep aligned to the Common Core for grades 6 - 12 

  • Once you are on the “subjects” page use the left hand index to pick Middle School or High School and the subject you want to practice 

Amazing Educational Resources provides over 100 free resources with links and descriptions for each site 

Oak Park Schools Hoffman Planetarium Link & STEAM
Hoffman Link 

The link has the following:

Physical Education