2020-2025 Strategic Plan

strategic plan

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Dear Oak Park Schools Community,

During the 2019-2020 school year, Oak Park Schools started a journey to build a comprehensive strategic plan in partnership with our students, staff, families and community stakeholders to inform our work for the next 5 years. By engaging community stakeholders, we established a collaborative strategic plan that consists of new goals and strategies for continuing to offer an excellent education for our students that will serve as a guide of measurable goals from 2020 to 2025.

5 Strategic Goal Areas:
  • Academics & Programs
  • Learning Environments & Culture
  • Communications & Community Engagement
  • Personnel
  • Operations

A reoccurring theme throughout our strategic plan is a commitment to excellence and equity for all students. Our path to achieving our vision of developing visionary leaders and compassionate citizens engaged in the global community is clear. 


Brandon Jiles 
Director of Communications


A special thank you to all of our 2020-2025 Strategic Planning Team Members. We value your support & input! 

Jay Haffner Steve Cooper Yosef Klein
Kelly Blankenship Derek Faulk Carol Diglio
Shana Holden-Murphy Cheryl Weiss Christina McAtee
Sharon Tarver Dawn Izzi Dawn Sommers
Dr. Darlene Davis Ericka Watson Jannell Taylor
Jim Nye Katie Morrison Lashun Harris-Mitchell
Marcia Bonds Owen Bondono Steve Barr
Albert Smith Marian McClellan Michael Adamisin
Dr. JoAnn Wright Judy Rubin Chiquita McKenzie
Shelley Sherman Irene Fakouri Sarah Jones
Victoria Goodrow Demilla Prince Ioana Tatu
Laura Naumann Menachem Hojda Maxine Gutfreund
Dawn Corporan Crystal Bailey Todd Alpertovitz
Amber Miller Jennifer Goshorn Claudette Lunkins
Jeremy Golem Jamila Smith Dr. Jamii Hitchcock 


Visionary leaders and compassionate citizens engaged in the global community. 

Our mission is to create an inclusive learning community that provides the best academic and social experience by educating the whole child, one child at a time.

Oak Park Schools is committed to excellence and equity for all.

  • We will create safe physical, emotional, cultural safety.
  • We will build positive, productive and supportive relationships with all members of the community including students, parents and local leaders, and businesses.
  • We will use equitable, anti-racist instruction to instill a growth mindset and help all students reach their highest potential.
  • We will prepare all students to be thoughtful, successful, and engaged members of the global community.
  • We will work together to responsibly maximize our resources with transparency and accountability. 
Academic Programs  Create and implement data-driven instructional plan and framework to significantly and consistently improve student academic outcomes in growth and proficiency.

Learning Environment
and Culture

Create and implement systems that provide culturally competent, safe, supportive, and collaborative learning environments for all students and staff. 
and Community Engagement 
Develop and implement a plan that will engage all stakeholders in two-way communication through consistent, timely and accurate information.
Personnel and Leadership  Develop and implement a plan to attract and retain educators that are committed to a culture of integrity, accountability, continuous growth and service. 
Operations Provide safe and environmentally conducive classrooms which foster effective teaching and learning while using 21st century technology. 


Traits of an Oak Park Graduate


  • Communicators
  • Caring
  • Bold
  • Adaptive
  • Change-maker
  • Skilled
  • Ethical
  • Confident