About Us

Oak Park Preparatory Academy (OPPA) is Oak Park Schools’ middle school located in Oak Park, Michigan.  OPPA is a comprehensive middle school that serves students in grades six through eight. OPPA is the feeder middle school for Einstein, Key and Pepper elementary schools and we ensure that the transition from elementary school is one that cultivates a love of learning in a safe environment. We recognize that middle school is an opportunity for students to begin to determine who they are and in order to do so we provide an inclusive, nurturing, and welcoming atmosphere where students feel understood and valued. 

While attending OPPA, our mission is to provide a positive middle school experience where adolescent learners begin their preparation to be college and career ready academically, socially, and emotionally in their transition to high school and beyond. OPPA’s team of highly qualified, compassionate, caring, and dedicated educators offer a rigorous and relevant curriculum embedded in best practices for teaching and learning.  The OPPA experience reaches students at all levels and provides the learning experience and instruction required for all middle school students to develop the perseverance and stamina to be “life-wise”.

OPPA values its commitment to developing the whole child. With this in mind, we offer a variety of student clubs and organizations, as well as competitive sports to continue to grow students’ social and leadership skills.  

Parental support at home and direct involvement in school life are key factors in student achievement and how students view school. Developing school partnerships with civic organizations and businesses enhances educational opportunities. Likewise, creating student service projects enriches the community and promotes civic responsibility.

Students reach their full potential when schools, parents, and the community support one another in meeting the needs of our students. We believe that the blend of middle school programs and instruction combined with the partnership of students, teachers, parents, and community provide the structure needed for the successful transition of adolescents from this level to the next.

Middle school education contributes to students becoming life-long learners and responsible, compassionate citizens in a global society. OPPA continues the Oak Park Schools’ tradition of providing the best education for our students.