Oak Park High School - About Us


Oak Park High School has an estimated enrollment of 900 students in grades 9-12. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum that is aligned with the Michigan Merit Curriculum.

Growth Mindset

Our collective behaviors articulate the belief that all of our students can learn at high levels with the appropriate supports and resources in a collaborative, caring, healthy, positive, and safe environment that focuses on results. All of our students will learn because of what we do. By operating with a growth mindset we will create a healthy environment for students to experience the joys of learning.  Putting forth intentional efforts to use data to inform our decision-making, employ best practices, and continuously making improvements we will fully support our learning community. By appropriately interacting, communicating, discovering, and respecting who our students are, Oak Park High School will be a fundamental factor that makes a powerful impact in our students’ lives and their academic achievement.

Quality, Professional Educators

As a team of professionals, we will intentionally use strategies to approach student behaviors through the teaching and modeling of prosocial behaviors, positive interventions, and the use of specific restorative practices that increase student self-efficacy, improve student-teacher relationships, and promote dignity and respect for self and others. Our collective efforts will help students become college and career ready as well as becoming better at who they already are.