Safety & Security

School Security 

An emotionally and physically safe learning environment is a priority in Oak Park Schools. Our partnership with our families is an asset in Oak Park Schools and we will always work to maintain a collaborative relationship. We have a shared responsibility to keep all students, staff and community members safe. 

Therefore, if you have business in any of our schools or classrooms, you will be welcomed into the building and are required to go directly to the school's main office to sign in. Until the main office staff confirms that you are expected in a classroom or office, you must wait in the main office. 

To preserve the learning process, unscheduled visits to students are discouraged and must take place in the office when absolutely necessary. Our Board policy requires that all visits from parents/guardians must be scheduled through the building principal, in advance, to avoid interference with the educational process.

Please join our shared responsibility to keep all students and staff safe. If you have questions, please contact your child's principal or Mr. Robert Koch, Director of Safety. 

Robert Koch Oak Park Schools Director of Safety

Robert Koch
Director of Safety 


Safety & Security 

We are proud to support Michigan's OK 2 SAY initiative to replace the culture of silence among students with a culture of collective responsibility. Students can make tips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through multiple means:

CALL 1-855-565-2729

TEXT 652729


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Statistics from the U.S. Secret Service show that in 81% of the violent incidents that happen in schools nationwide, someone else other than the attacker knew about a threat but didn't report it. With these new confidential tools, we are empowering our students to help us keep our schools, our students and our community safer.