Get Involved!


  • Mentor or tutor a student
  • Read or be read to by a student
  • Provide real-world projects for students to solve
  • Serve as a judge for an academic competition or fair
  • Develop a classroom-based mock business
  • Provide career-shadowing and internship experiences
  • Have employees serve as career mentors and /or career day speakers
  • Sponsor or chaperone a field trip
  • Donate equipment, training and materials
  • Create incentive and motivation programs to reward students for achievement
  • Level the playing field for students in lower economic brackets by paying for participation in a field trip, buying a school uniform, or supporting our technology initiative by purchasing laptops for use in on-line classes.

Financial Sponsorship

Platinum Level

$10,000 or more in either cash or in-kind donations (This is approximately $1,000 a month for the school year)

Gold Level

$5,000 or more in either cash or in-kind donations

Silver Level

$1,000 or more in cash or in-kind donations

Bronze Level

$500 or more in either cash or in-kind donations

Individual Level

 $499 or less in either cash or in-kind donations

Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law

Contact Us

For more information about the Oak Park Education Foundation, please contact Dr. Daveda Colbert, Superintendent.

Oak Park Education Foundation
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