Job Postings

Job Postings

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Oak Park School District!
For a complete list of open positions - visit the Oakland Human Resources Consortium site

Need assistance with your online application or have any questions? Please feel free to call 248.336.7700 or message

Fingerprint Information

Please do the following if you have already applied to work as a Substitute through ESS (formerly PCMI)

  • Call the Oak Park School district  (248 336-7700) for instructions, or make an appointment to stop by the Oak Park School district office to receive the appropriate
    paperwork to enable you to be fingerprinted. *

*If you have been fingerprinted through another school district, please ask to speak with Lashun Harris at to obtain a Criminal History Release form.

ESS (formerly PCMI) will not start your second phase of paperwork until the fingerprint results are received by the Oak Park School Diistrict.