Student Activities

Clubs & Organizations

Academic GamesSean Kelly/AnnaMarie Jordan

Web DesignSharon Lewis

Class Officers (Grade 10)Shalaya Williams

PBIS – Safe Schools TaskforceAlisa Bierderman/Shaunetta Cross

Class Officers (Grade 11)Timothy Palmer

Anime /CartoonJessica Martiny

Class Officers (Grade 12)Constance Shallal/Kristine Christian

Step Team -Nathaniel Williams

Yearbook Ashley Reddick/Ramona Edwards

Diversity ClubWilliam Boyer

RoboticsWilliam Grimm

Artistic ExpressionsTimothy Palmer

National Honor Society (NHS)Andrea Polley

Marching BandVirgil Goodwine

Play & Musical Productions (Drama Club)Mary Long/Juilette Delabbio-Abbott/Peter Kohnen

Broadcast Arts / TV Team Ed McNeal

The Big Green (Garden Project)Peter Kohnen

Choir ClubMichael Zaporski

Male Mentoring (Young Brothers United)DeMarco Gentry

Student Council / LeadershipShaunetta Cross

Female Mentoring (SWAP & Women of Tomorrow) - Yeatonia Martin

Book ClubCorrie Negron

Y.O.U. (Young, Optimistic, & United)Volida Barnett

PEP Club (Sideline, Pep Rallies, Field Days, Positive Energy Program-School Spirit) Eric Chastain

God SquadAlisa Biederman

Peer MediationMary Long/

OPHS Sweethearts - Service Learning - Timothy Palmer

GATH (Gifted and Talented Honors) Grayling Mercer/Kristina Christian

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)Peter Kohnen

Modern Dance Workshop- N/A

Band Auxiliary (Dance & Flag Team) - Taylor Cain