Oak Park History

The History of the Oak Park School District

In 1846, the 23 pioneer settlers in the now Nine Mile Coolidge area, decided they needed a school for their children. Barney Clinton, one of the settlers, gave half an acre of his land for the school. The school, named after Barney Clinton, was located on the site of the current Clinton Educational Center. Once a middle school, it now houses various district programs

By the twentieth century, with rich history behind it, Oak Park moved to the forefront of public education in the metropolitan Detroit area. People have been attracted to this well-planned City because of its efficient government and its exceptionally fine school system. Oak Park School District is justly famous for the quality of its teachers, staff and education programs. Many of our graduates attend institutions of higher learning all over the nation. 

Oak Park School District's mission today continues in partnership with the parents and community to ensure quality learning for all students through effective teaching in a caring environment.

Our vision is a quality educational environment whose graduates are prepared for life's challenges and whose students perform at or above state and national standards consistent with an outcome based education. Elements of education in grades K-6 in the Oak Park School District include all of the basic skills, personal and social development and many opportunities for enrichment. Basic skills include reading, writing, listening, speaking, mathematics, science, computer education and social studies. All students participate in regularly scheduled classes in art, music and physical education.

Each of the three elementary schools have individual services provided by specialists in reading, mathematics, science, speech, special education, social work, psychology, bilingual education, gifted and talented programs and media. Elementary schools emphasize the development of each child at an appropriate pace for success. There is a systematic monitoring of progress for all students to ensure the achievement of goals and compliance with the Federal mandates of No Child Left Behind and the Education Yes program of the State of Michigan. Our middle school is programed to meet the needs of the emerging adolescent. While academic objectives are of major importance in the core areas of mathematics, reading, science and social studies; social and emotional needs of the young adolescents receive additional attention so that our students develop skills necessary for success. In addition to the continuation of programs at the elementary level, our middle school offers a plethora of extra curricular activities such as robotics, student newspaper, sport teams, cheerleaders, computer and chess clubs. Oak Park High School provides a comprehensive education encouraging academic development and personal growth to promote lifelong learning for all students. All students will be motivated to respect knowledge, care for themselves and others, and to become responsible citizens of our school, city and country. Staff and parents provide a supportive and nurturing atmosphere within which our students can grow and blossom into lifelong learners and creative problems solvers in the world arena. In addition to the major academic areas, courses are offered in art, music, physical education, computer science, foreign language, bilingual education, alternative education, advanced placement, co-op, work study, special education and advance studies CASA. Special facilities include a planetarium, TV studio, multi-lingual studies, computer labs and a swimming pool. Students may also participate in all phases of athletics and various other extracurricular activities. Oak Park School District continues to keep pace with the goals and objectives of the twenty-first century. We are ready, willing and able to educate the youth of our school community for prominent and influential roles in the new millennium. - Leon Crumb

General questions or information requests regarding Oak Park Public Schools may be directed to Angel Abdulahad, Superintendent, at (248) 336-7705.