Einstein Elementary - About Us

Einstein Elementary School is a traditional Kindergarten through 5th Grade school located in the northern end of Oak Park. Einstein Elementary is named after mathematician and physicist, Albert Einstein. We have held steadfast to Albert Einstein’s passion for inquiry. Einstein once said, “the important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing”.  With this in mind, we offer an inquiry-based approach to instruction. Einstein Elementary School consists of highly qualified teachers and a collaborative staff who provide a safe, nurturing and caring school community for all students.

Inquiry-based Learning

Our inquiry-based learning model provides students with an active approach to learning, while being exposed to a rigorous curriculum. To complement high quality instruction, our learning environments include resources consistent with best practice, such as a comprehensive English and Language Arts resource, called Savvas and a mathematics resource that builds a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts called, Math Expressions. Our high quality instruction is supported by co-curricular programming that includes, foreign language immersion, physical education, music and art classes. Classrooms are equipped with leveled libraries, updated technology that consists of interactive boards and 1:1 laptops.

Student Exploration

We provide students with many opportunities to explore a variety of interests, further develop and hone their leadership skills. We offer a variety of after school clubs, such as mentoring, and chess. Athletic options are available for students interested in cheer, track, basketball and step team. The National Elementary Honor Society, Student Council and Safety Patrol honor student voice, cultivates a civic responsibility, emphasizes the value of making a difference and empowers students to impact the lives of others.

Student Support

For students in need of academic or social-emotional support, we have a full time Title I teacher, Reading Specialist and Specialized Services teacher on staff. We also have a full time School Psychologist and Social Worker. In addition, academic tutors, academic and behavior interventionist ensure that we are meeting the needs of all students. We utilize a Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) model and our approach to discipline is deeply rooted in a restorative ethos to repair harm and restore relationships to make certain all students feel a sense of belonging in our school community.

Engaged Parent Community

Einstein Elementary School boasts a highly engaged parent community, which provides additional opportunities for all students to feel connected to our school community. In addition to hosting Curriculum Night and Parent-Teacher Conferences, we offer a Family Resource Center for family support, Parent Workshops, partnerships with Oak Park Youth Assistance and Tri-Community Coalition and welcome parents with an open door policy.

Please contact Mrs. Provenzola-West, Principal, for a tour! 

Mission Statement

The mission of Albert Einstein Elementary School, in cooperation with community stakeholders, is to motivate every student to achieve maximum potential by encouraging academic and social excellence through effective instruction in a caring and safe environment.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of Einstein’s staff is to collaborate and inspire excellence within our school community and challenge students to reach their full potential throughout their educational journey.

Vision Statement

Albert Einstein Elementary School will operate as a professional learning community using Data Teams to drive the development of research-based instruction.