Oak Park Education Foundation


Founded in February, 2011, the mission of the program is to create robust partnerships between schools and area business, community and faith-based organizations to improve academic achievement and exposure opportunities in the Oak Park School District.

Who are we?

We are the concerned Administration and Staff of the Oak Park School District.  We have seen all the cuts over the past few years to our precious education system.  We've seen programs begging for funding and students begging for programs, and we want do do something to help.

We will be working directly with local businesses, parents, and staff to raise funds that will be used for our students.  Be it new band uniforms, instruments, or an afterschool marching band, we plan to use every dime to keep our programs running, and hopefully even add more opportunities for our students.

We need your help

If you are a business, parent, or community member, please download our pledge form.  We know that "everyone" is asking for money, but we also know that our children represent our future. A few dollars now will allow us to continue our programs. 

Help create a brighter future for our children. Please click the links to learn more.

We appreciate your participation in the Annual Oak Park Education Foundation Golf Outing, and all other donations to the Oak Park Education Foundation.  Our desire to provide exposure and opportunity to all students is at its’ highest peak.   We have included a few pictures from pictures of our elementary and secondary bands, elementary step team, elementary and middle school cheer teams, and elementary and secondary robotics teams, as well as, the flyer/registration form for the golf outing, and a form to make a donation to the Oak Park Educational Foundation.   

Forging a partnership with the district and showing support for our students is greatly appreciated! Thanks to your continuous support of the Oak Park Education Foundation, we continue to serve our students well. Please don’t hesitate to call for additional information.  Donations made to the Oak Park Education Foundation are tax deductible.  Again, your support is needed in our efforts to continue to make a difference in the lives of our students.