About Us

Oak Park High School is a four-year (9-12), comprehensive high school in Oak Park, Michigan in Oakland County within an inner ring, suburban community of Detroit with nearly 30,000 residents. Our community boasts an economic, racial, religious and cultural diversity and an unwavering commitment to providing a family-centered, safe and nurturing environment for all. 

Oak Park High School provides an intellectually challenging curriculum in a socially supportive learning environment. We offer a variety of academic, fine arts, and elective opportunities. The Honors-level courses and programming are available in all core curricular areas. Students interested in seeking additional academic rigor, can take Advanced Placement (AP) classes, taught at the college level at Oak Park High School and our affiliate the Center for Advanced Studies (CASA). Our students have access to valuable extensions of our high school through the Oakland Technical Campuses (OSTC) which provides technical, academic, and workplace skills necessary in the pursuit of their career pathway. 

Oak Park High School offers a variety of research-based interventions and academic supports. We have a commitment to ensuring that all students learn and believe that each student should excel based on our ability as educators to help them reach their true potential. Our school community has a vested interest in cultivating the individual gifts of each student through a process of self-discovery. Our highly qualified and collaborative staff respects, communicates engages and encourages student voice to cultivate a civic responsibility, emphasize the value of making a difference in the lives of others.

Our facilities are designed to provide a number of spaces to support personalized learning and collaboration. The Hoffman Planetarium is designed to be an engaging, interactive full-dome classroom. The SciDome IQ2400 brings real-time space and earth science into the dome’s unique teaching environment. Through a real-world Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) program, students are exposed to the field of health sciences and human services.  Through a partnership with Ascension Providence Hospital, students can receive medical care in the health clinic located inside our building. 

There are nine computer labs, a Coding Studio, Robotics Lab with 3-D printers, TV Production Studio, Large Group Instruction (LGI) hall, Little Theater, over 700-seat full Auditorium and a 10,000 square-foot Media Center. All classrooms are equipped with interactive Promethean Boards, document cameras and 1:1 laptops for core academic courses. Oak Park High School is a recipient of the Michigan Green School designation, noted for three courtyards and a community garden in partnership with Big Green Detroit. 

Our co/extra-curricular programs are complimented by choir and marching band rooms equipped with instruments for all students to remove any barriers to students to participate. Our athletic facilities consist of a weight room, turf football field, competition grade track, baseball and softball diamond and gymnasium. We have a full array of clubs, including web design, anime and cartooning, Robotics, musical productions, Broadcast Arts and more located our activities page. 

We are proud of the holistic, high-quality academic and co-curricular opportunities for all students. An educational experience at Oak Park High School produces 4-year, Ivy League, 2-year scholars as well as students that dedicate their talents to advancing in career and technical education post-secondary programs. 

For information, please contact Principal Peterson for a tour!