Oak Park High School is a voluntary members of the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) and all interscholastic athletic programs are governed by the rules, regulations, determinations, and interpretations of the MHSAA.  Through its membership, our school help the MHSAA promote, develop, direct, protect and regulate amateur interscholastic athletics between member schools.  The MHSAA, through the Representative Council, also helps schools stimulate fair play, friendly rivalry, and good sportsmanship among contestants, schools and communities.  All individuals involved in the interscholastic athletic programs within the District, should strive to know, understand and adhere to all rules, regulations and interpretation of the MHSAA.

All student-athletes are governed by the OPSD Student Code of Conduct and subject to rules of the OAA and MHSAA for sport participation and conduct.