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Social-Emotional Support for Students 
During this unprecedented time, the social-emotional needs of our students are tremendously important. If you need support, please contact the following School Psychologists, School Social Workers or Counselors by clicking on the appropriate school link below to access information regarding social emotional support for your child:

Oak Park School District Social Work Support 


Virtual Medical & Mental Health Services for Students
Ascension Michigan School-Base d Health Centers are offering virtual medical & mental services to students. The medical services available are as follows: (COVID-19 symptoms, follow up visits, medication refills, rash, acne, allergies/ sinusitis/ URI, pediatric constipation, asthma refills, contact dermatitis, eye complaint, fever, influenza, pediatric gastroenteritis, headache, insect bites,nose bleeds, Otitis Externa, skin infection, and health education sessions). The mental health services provided are treatment for anxiety, trauma, grief, behavioral/mental health education, psychoeducation, mindfulness, coping skills, and depression.

The services are available from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Health Center will not provide care on site, at this time. Parents/Legal Guardians will need to provide verbal or written consent for services.

You can access the service by calling (248) 398-0199 or by emailing the Nurse Practitioner, Rasanda Dorsey at or the Behavioral Health Counselor, Darryl Allen at

You can access the service by calling 248-398-0199 or by emailing the Nurse Practitioner at, or via telemedicine at the active link for Virtual Medical and Mental Health Services


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