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Online Learning Expectations for Students

To ensure students have a safe and productive online learning experience, it is critical for students to follow our guidance in the active link, Online Learning Student Expectations. If you have questions about the expectations, please contact your teacher or school principal for more information. Please know the our Student Code of Conduct remains in effect during our online learning period. 

To access our Online Learning platforms and links, please click on the active link, Online Learning Platforms

Attention Students/Families: Please review the guidance in all documents on our website, contact your teacher or school principal before contacting our Teaching & Learning Department for curriculum-related support.  

Online Learning Platforms & Links
Our Online Learning Platforms & Links allow students and families to have all of the necessary online tools at your fingertips. Please click on the active link, Online Learning Platforms for additional information about Google, Clever, Zoom and moodle. 

Our teachers and staff understand the importance of providing an enriching and valuable learning experience for students. Teachers will utilize Google Meet and Zoom as online platforms for virtual teacher check-ins, morning meetings, office hours, etc. 

Please click on the active links below for more information about the how teachers will support students during our Continuity of Learning (COL) Plan: Online Learning 2.0: 

Online Expectations for Teachers

Online Learning Platforms

Teacher FAQs

Online Learning Expectations for Principals and Assistant Principals Expectations 

Our Principals and Assistant Principals are supporting our teachers and staff with ensuring Online Learning 2.0 is successful. Please click on Online Learning Expectations for Principals and Assistant Principals

Attention Oak Park Schools Students & Families:

Oak Park Schools is transitioning to implementation of remote learning for students in grades K-12. Although remote learning cannot take the place of in-person learning, our district and building administrators, teachers, and staff have been working very hard to design lessons that provide academic and social-emotional development for our students. We completely understand that it is not feasible, healthy, or research-based to expect students to participate in online learning for the same amount of time as if they were in a traditional classroom setting. Therefore, some of their work will require watching lessons, independent learning, reading, etc. 

To provide students with an optimal learning experience, we are focused on providing equitable, high-quality remote learning experiences that are intended to support continuous learning for the long-term. In order to do so, we are providing your son/daughter with this electronic device and/or broadband WiFi service to provide students with full access to academic and social-emotional resources provided by Oak Park Schools. You can help support your son/daughter with this new and innovative learning experience by assisting them with identifying/designating a quiet space for learning in your home and ensuring your child is actively engaged in independent and group learning experiences, class activities, and assignments. 

If you have questions, please visit the staff directory and email your child’s teacher. Thank you in advance for your continued partnership and support. 

Online Learning Platforms 

Information for Families Receiving Special Education Services