December 20, 2023

Students from Pepper Elementary Win Student Spaceflight Experiment Program Contest

SSEP Winners

Oak Park Schools proudly announced the champions of their Student Spaceflight Experiment Program (SSEP) as Aaliyah Bates, Raydein Balkcom, Ricardo Jackson, and Kamdyn Lauderdale from Pepper Elementary, sparking exhilaration within the community.

The winning experiment, exploring Watermelon germination in space versus on Earth, clinched the top spot among numerous submissions. Their innovative project stood out for its ambitious approach to studying how germination occurs in the unique conditions of space. The experiment's success not only earned the students recognition but also highlighted the dedication of Hoffman Planterium director,  Mr. Grayling Mercer fostering an environment of scientific inquiry and exploration.

In celebration of their victory, the students are set to witness their experiment launch to the International Space Station (ISS). This milestone will grant them the exceptional opportunity to witness their research conducted in microgravity, contributing valuable insights to space science.

The school administration encouraged everyone to follow the exciting journey of the experiment aboard the ISS through the provided link: Hoffman Planetarium - On Our Way to the ISS