C2 Pipeline - OPHS

In Partnership with Wayne State University, we present the C2 Pipeline

About C2

C2 Pipeline is a program sponsored by Wayne State University's College of Nursing. We are funded through the Michigan Department of Education's 21st Century Community Learning Center funds. Our program focuses on increasing graduation rates, improving academics, and helping to ensure students are college and career ready. It currently operates in twenty-four Metro Detroit high schools, serving grades 9-12. C2 Pipeline consists of three main components: 24 afterschool programming centers, annual summer programs, and the Innovation & Curiosity Center. (WSU, 2019)

Program Goals:

  • Preparing students to be college and career ready
  • Increasing academic achievement in student learning
  • Expanding student awareness through enrichment activities and other non-traditional learning
  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment for all students
  • Provide family services

Interested in C2 Pipeline?

Are you a high school student at Oak Park High School? Interested in exploring STEM careers through fun, interactive lessons? Want to meet people with similar interests? Check out C2 Pipeline's afterschool program. Just fill out our Registration Form with your guardian and turn it into the Site Coordinator, Ms. Geeck. (WSU, 2019)

C2 Pipeline Coordinator

To learn more information about the C2 Pipeline, please contact Ms. Pamela Geeck at pamela.geeck@wayne.edu or visit this link

Pamela Geeck has been the Site Coordinator at Oak Park High School for 6 years. During that time, Ms. Geeck has demonstrated an incredible amount of dedication to the school's and students' success. She is a team player who offers a wealth of knowledge as it pertains to the C2 Pipeline structure and framework. She has been a source of support for many new Site Coordinators. Ms. Geeck earned an Associate's degree in Applied Science with a concentration in Early Childhood Development from Oakland Community College and B.S. in Business Leadership from Baker College.